Jack in the box

Jack in the Box
Anywhere in Eastern WA

Due to a friends love of fast food burgers, mainly Dick’s a local Spokane, Wa burger joint, decided to break my promise of not eating any of the chain fast food stuff and for the reason that a mass produced sandwich just doesn’t do it for me.

After being pummeled during the Mariner’s baseball games by a disguised ‘Jack’ serving his ‘bigger than the guys head’ Brewhouse Bacon Burger, i bit! Literally! After gassing up the Tundra and stopping by Costco for a few items i swung by an almost on my way home Jack’s and in the drive-thru picked up a sandwich, fries and diet coke for an amazing price of $7.40.

Because i had purchased eggs, cottage cheese and cold soup, I had to bring my sandwich home and eat it there, the fries were still pretty warm and salty, my icy pop was icy. My ‘cheesy-royals’ on the other had was not the one that they sold me during the Mariners game. Now i understand the rules of advertising, if it is in the ad in must be made from the same ingredients as the real deal. So while the box it came in was the size of the sandwich on tv, camera perspective sure made it look like something from my favorite brewpub.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.01.24 PM

not the sandwich i was given!

While it did have a slice of tomato and slices of bacon, my bacon was about 1mm thick, that is almost thin enough to see through, it would take 40 slices to make an inch thick piece of meat so if it could of been at least 2mm or even 3 it would have looked like the cheap stuff we eat at home. My tomato slices were about 2/3 of what you see in this image and the patty was not nearly as juicy looking… aah photography!

The melted cheese sauce did run all over my fingers and hands and the single napkin was not enough to clean up the mess, luckily it was given to me in a paper bag that served that purpose nicely.  All in all the sandwich did have a good flavor, seemed juicy, small fries were adequate and the only thing i missed was an ice cold Stella to wash it down!





The Ref

The Ref Sports Bar
14208 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley 99216
Phone: 509.315.9637

Wife and I came back from the lake and had an appointment so we decided to catch an early dinner before going home. We have been to The Ref several times and not disappointed although a good friend went there and was treated poorly, so far only good reports.

Ck had the Chicken Caesar Wrap, her personal favorite, comes with several choices for sides, fries, salad, slaw or for a bit extra even onion rings. My fav of course is the ‘All-Star’  bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries. Usually chase with a Stella but today due to being out of my other fav i switched gears totally and did a Black Butte Porter instead.

While we waited we watched the Olympics on their big screen, the bike races were on, kinda like watching grass grow or Wade LeBlanc pitching for the Mariners. It seemed like thousands of laps that took about 13sec.s each and every ten laps or so they would claim winners of the heat…. harder to understand than the instructional booklet for my new camera.


The All-Star Bacon Cheeseburger

Our food did come quickly, the fries hot enough to scald, the burger juicy enough to run down both arms and my chin. Sweet red onion, tomato, lettuce served on a pretzel bun that was solid enough to hold together for the entire meal and chewy enough to make me think it was baked that morning.

The Ref, four and a half rashers in my book!



Twigs Spokane Valley Mall

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar
Spokane Valley Mall
14728 E Indiana Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


Lunch with Ck and Deb today as they met to settle their mom’s affairs. Been wanting to try different things here lately so today it was the Blackened Chicken Sandwich at Twigs @ Spokane Valley Mall.

We sat at the bar today and had a very friendly waiter, our regular ‘Bev’ was attending the tables so we did not get to talk to her very much. Ck and Deb both had the Turkey BLT Wrap and while i wanted a BLT, i do not enjoy wraps, don’t ask me why just not fond after a wrap disaster many moons ago.


Blackened Chicken Sandwich

My sandwich came with a generous portion of fries, they were not as hot as i would have wanted they were still edible and a great way to down a lot of catsup and mustard. My sandwich came with a nice filet of chicken that was not too thick and thus dry and not too thin like deli meat, they were nicely grilled and were plenty spicy for my appetite.

Would recommend this to any shoppers at the mall or anyone looking for a pleasant atmosphere, friendly and efficient wait staff along with a very satisfying meal. Also they have a fully stocked bar, they specialize in martinis but you can expect  a good choice, mine was a glass of Stella Artois which they keep on tap!







The Bistro @ Klinks

Formerly named Klinks, the restaurant fully deserving of its own moniker  changed its name to The Bistro, same great food and same great people. We had a chance to visit there recently after a brief scout trip and a decision to try it out. Only forty-five minutes from home with full hook-ups, boat rentals, toilets and showers, plus a small camp store that has everything you forgot including fishing licenses.

Our first visit here we spent the afternoon making friends at the Bistro’s small but friendly full service lounge/bar. It seems like almost as many people who visit over a weekend or holiday live there full time over the summer and work at the many tasks needed to run a small resort. At times it seemed like as many people were working as were staying. They keep the place cleaned up, raked up, picked up and the rooms were being cleaned constantly. They even came through and sifted out the ashes from the fire pits in the morning.

We did go out on the lake but came in after catching a few fish as we did not have any food or extra clothes and it turned out to be slightly cool. We came in to lunch at the Bistro, Ck had a Taco Salad that she thoroughly enjoyed and i the customary burger with bacon and fries.


Cheeseburger w/bacon and fries

My photo does not do the sandwich justice and thus we find ourselves in the position of having to return for a better photo.

We really enjoyed our time there, the place was well maintained the service was good all across the board. The wait staff at the Bistro were funny, friendly and truly interested in us and welcoming to a couple of newbies from the city.

We would truly recommend the whole experience to anyone who likes to cabin camp, trailer camp or even tent camp. If not a camper the restaurant was worth the drive from the Spokane Valley. We plan to visit there again soon!




The Ref Sports Bar

April 21, 2016

The Ref Sports Bar
14208 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
(509) 315-9637

Haven’t been out to a different restaurant for a bit but finally after a morning sawing down trees, bucking it up and splitting for firewood we had built up a pretty good appetite. Found this place and decided to give it a try.


All-Star Bacon & Cheeseburger

Decided to try their bacon cheese burger which came with a load of hot fries, also ordered a Stella to go with. The total bill with two drinks was on $22 fairly reasonable.

The restaurant is large with screens all around, we wanted to watch the Xfinity Race and the hostess gave the controller to me to change the big screen, very unusual at the least. There was a lot of places to sit and service was excellent.




Black Angus ~Spokane Valley

A neighbor gifted us with a card to Black Angus so we decided to take advantage of it on Christmas Eve instead of doing a meal at home we had early dinner.

Always an opportunity to try out a new burger the Angus Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger was the order of the day. The sandwich came with a small but sufficient order of ‘hot’ french fries and was topped with a couple of onion rings.

IMG_0598Added this image of the sandwich cross section to show just how well the ingredients looked and how the sandwich was prepared.

IMG_0601Ck ordered the Beer Battered Halibut Sandwich that also came with fries.  The Halibut piece was as big as a chicken breast and impossible to finish as was my burger, definitely on my list of places to return.

True Legends Grill

True Legends Grill
1803 N. Harvard Rd.
Liberty Lake, WA

It is the time of year when gathering firewood is our main way of exercising for the week, Last Thursday was no different save for getting a late start and then having a tree hang and having to get it down by pulley and truck. By the time it is bucked up, split and loaded for the trip home it is 2pm and we are both ready for lunch.

We decided on True Legends Grill in Liberty Lake as we could include a beer with our lunch since we were done working with our power tools, chain saws and splitter. They have a sandwich called the Burger Royal describe in the menu as;

“Flame broiled Angus beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and thousand island dressing.” Comes with a choice of white, wheat or Jalapeño & cheddar bun w/french fries to complete the plate.

It was a perfect lunch for a couple of hungry wood cutters.

Burger Royal

Wisconsin Burger

Wisconsin Burger in Spokane is in an out of the way South Hill neighborhood at 9th and Hatch. This was my first visit and actually came a little earlier than opening which occurs at 11:30am weekdays. They were kind enough to sit us and we were glad as the day was heating up and it was nice and cool inside.

The beer selection in this restaurant is awesome and for one who prefers a stout they had plenty to choose from mine was one made from oats and satisfied my need for an earlier in the day beer. We both (Ck and I) ordered the Wisconsin Burger, she with extra pickles, me with the bacon jam. The bacon jam is a mixture of bacon, onions, sweet relish all cooked down to a nice jelly like consistency and put on top of the cheese, while the sautéing onions did burn my eyes a bit it was worth the pain.


The Wisconsin Burger w/bacon



Finally made it back to get a photo of this burger. It was as good as the first one. This is the single patti burger, it was almost more that I could get down.

This is definitely near the top of my list of burgers, the restaurant is roomy, the wait staff friendly and it wasn’t too busy as i went a 2pm and this made it really easy to relax and enjoy my time there.


the cooler at Wisconsin Burger

They have and incredible selection of bottled beer, you have no problem finding the one for your dinner, they also serve wine and soda.

Another Wisconsin Burger w/bacon of course and this time with fries!


Wisconsin Burger w/bacon and fries





Bob’s Burgers and Brew

On the way home from Oregon coast sans our puppies we were able to try out a restaurant that has been calling us for a stop. We were ready for lunch when we stopped at Bob’s Burgers & Brew in Kennewick, WA. Since i have not added a sandwich for some time thought this would be a great opportunity.

Bacon, Cheese & Avocado

Bacon, Cheese & Avocado

A great find on our way home and now we will have to figure out how to do this whilst we have our puppies with us.  If you ever head south out of Kennewick almost to the top of the hill on the southwest corner at the last light!

Best Burger


home made 1/2 lb 95% lean beef on a kaiser

Ever had one of those days when the click of a button will change everything. Was replacing a photo on my blog with one that would show up when I shared the link, think i broke the link by doing some file management. Well i hit delete and my entire two plus years of blog disappeared. No matter what i tried it doesn’t seem to be reversible and that has caused me no little grief as i had put a ton of hours into it. Well here we go again and hopefully improved!

This is a blog about bacon cheeseburgers that may be found around the Spokane, Wa – Coeur d’Alene, Id. area! It all started when i tried to google a place for a good burger and the list that came up was for places like McDucks, Burger King and others like them and it was just not what i was looking for. Thus began the quest to find the best burger in the Inland Empire and it started with a huge list that will only be known to me as it has gone the way of all the other bytes in the blog!

The burger above was my own creation using a half pound of ninety-five percent fat free ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon and havrtl cheese all on a parmesan kaiser bun from our local Rosauer’s Bakery, it is my standard for the quest. Have since started using Taco Bell’s Spicy Ranch as my secret sauce, a unique blend of mayo, ketchup and spices with just the right amount of bite! So, in reverse order; latest at the top, challenge anyone to try one of these, you will not be disappointed.

SO! Finally decided to start rating my experiences. If you happen to try one of these restaurants based on this blog, would you please mention my blog, a thousand thanks in advance if you do.


1 rasher of bacon each for; service, food and overall experience so that a restaurant with great food, great service and a fun atmosphere will get 3 rashers of bacon!

Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar
14728 E Indiana Ave,
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Phone: (509) 290-5636

Promised my friend a burger when she got back from Olympia, Wa., as she had seen one posted on FB and expressed the desire to have one. Rather than just do a repeat (actually did one yesterday), decided to add Twigs to this  blog and take my friend along for the activity.

Twigs has at three convenient locations; Riverpark Square (my fav), Wandemere and the Spokane Valley Mall. Chose the mall as it was closest and my friend needed to use the internet to do some research. Twigs at the mall is a nicely laid our restaurant with indoor, outdoor and bar seating, we chose the bar but there were openings outside and inside, amazing considering the amount of cars in the parking lot and it being just a bit after lunch.

Signature Burger @ Twigs

Signature Burger @ Twigs

We sat right away, our waitress showed up almost immediately and offered us something to drink as we considered the menu. Myself chose a Twigs Amber brewed locally at NoLi Brewery.

For lunch i chose the Twigs Signature Burger which comes with 1/2 lb patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, white cheddar, lemon garlic aoli on a fresh brioche bun. Served with a friendly portion of fries warm but not skiing removing hot (my Fav) and the obligatory sweet pickle slice.

Always eating my fries first, while hot, they were half gone before my yellow mustard arrived but my fault for not ordering with the sandwich. The burger was cooked to my request of medium-rare and was juicy, spiced perfectly and all that i wanted from my cheeseburger.

Service was fast, friendly, good atmosphere, wonderful food, slightly more expensive than hoped for but otherwise a good choice for your lunch.
Twigs SIgnature Burger = 2 9/10’s rashers 

The Red Tail Bar & Grill @ Coeur d’Alene Casino
37914 S Hwy 95
Worley, ID 
Phone: (800) 523-2464

Went to the Red Tail so we could watch the Seahawks-Broncos game and the second NASCAR Race for the Sprint Cup, used this as a chance to add a burger to the blog, The restaurant is open and friendly with at least a dozen screens strategically located around the restaurant.

Although there was redtailnot one on the menu but they gladly took my order for a bacon cheeseburger i also ordered a Guiness to compliment my sandwich.

The bacon cheeseburger at the Redtail comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheddar cheese, bacon and stone ground mustard on a sesame street bun that held the sandwich very well. My sandwich also had a small order of fries that were warm but not as hot as i prefer.

The burger was served medium rare to  order and was flavorful and plenty big for my appetite. We saw the end of the race and the ball game through the first half and our waitress/bar tender was very friendly and the service was excellent.
Redtail Cheeseburger = 2 1/2 rashers.

Carlin Bay Resort Bar & Grill
33917 S Hwy 97, Harrison, ID 83833
Phone: (208) 689-3295

We were out sailing on Lake Coeur d’Alene and decided to head down to Carlin Bay and have lunch at the Carlin Bay Resort. It is about two hours by motor or three plus if we sail. We sail about halfway to Mica Bay and the wind fell off so we motored the rest of the way.
When we first arrived the waitress seemed a little perturbed don’t know why i thought this just body language and facial expression, but, after we were seated on the deck and didn’t bother her about the umbrella which she would put up or down rather than allow the other guests she seemed to warm up.

Carlin Burger

Carlin Burger

Ordered the bacon burger, cheese had to be asked for so almost missed it, was able to catch it in time to have it on the sandwich. The burger was serve with lettuce, onion and a sweet pickle relish that i enjoyed although many people do not like this including my wife. Melted american cheese served in a basket on paper,  no utensils needed. 
The bun was a grocery store sesame hamburger bun that could not hold up to the sandwich so it started falling apart right away as these buns with tear apart when squeezed to hard. So half the sandwich from the bun and half off my fingers. Overall the sandwich was good, service marginal and i would only give it the rating of one rasher of bacon!
Carlin Burger = 1 rasher

The Onion Bar & Grill
302 West Riverside
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 747-3852

So i find myself sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon as Ck has abandoned me to spend time with her sister. Decided that this would be a good opportunity to venture out to find a burger for the blog. Thus i find myself sitting alone at The Onion waiting for my waitress who seems to be new as she has another waitress kinda bird dogging her. Nobody in town seems to have a decent porter so i order a Blue Moon without the fruit to hold me until my meal arrives.

The Big 'O' from The Onion Bar & Grill

The Big ‘O’ from The Onion Bar & Grill

Naturally it does not take me long to find the target of my visit, The Big ‘O’ claims fresh local ground beef cooked medium and served on a handmade Brioche bun. Prepared with fresh avocado, thick smoked bacon, melted Cheddar, fresh greens, tomato, pickles and rich mayo. Gluten free. Choice of ENDLESS steak cut or shoe string fries. This is a fair from the menu description of my sandwich although i did not get an offer of the Endless fries, still there were a fair amount of fries with the sandwich.
The bacon was fresh and thick, the avocado added a dimension that i really enjoyed

Did like the food, less the extra fries, service was a bit slow and surprisingly there were only a half dozen folks in the restaurant.

The Big ‘O’ = 2 rashers

The Black Diamond
9614 E Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA 99206
Phone: (509) 891-8357


The Black Diamond Burger w/cheese and double bacon

The Black Diamond is a pool hall with pub, restaurant and bar seating, pick your favorite. They have been in business for some time, we used to have parties with our engineering group back in the time when i had a career as a mechanical engineer. The atmosphere is kinda pool hall but with all the choices of seating one need only ask if they wanted a different seating arrangement.

Black Diamond Burger with cheese and double bacon comes with lettuce, shaved onion, vine-ripe tomato, herb mayo and served on an in-house baked brioche bun. The sandwich had great appearance and came with an okay portion of fries, my only comment back to the owner was that the meat was pretty bland, it was fresh ground and good size 1/3lb but had no seasoning, this made the sandwich a bit dull tasting, missing those spices (salt, pepper, etc.) as my doctor does not allow me extra salt, i really miss it when it is missing.

The overall experience was the good, wait staff excellent and the meal was still very enjoyable.
The Black Diamond Burger = 2 rashers

 Fedora Pub & Grille
1726 W Kathleen Ave
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
Phone: (208) 765-8888



Fedora’s Wisconsin Burger

Fedora has been around for about four years but i only came across them when researching some local micro brews and their website popped up. It is a real fun place with friendly waitstaff, great decor and even better menu. We stopped by on the way to Spokane from Coeur d’Alene and were happy we did.

Fedora’s menu had several choices of burgers, the Fedora Burger came with american cheese and thousand island dressing so i opted for the Wisconsin Burger, served with hickory smoked bacon, aged Wisconsin cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo all served on a home made brioche roll that held together nicely for the entire event. A porter ale completed my lunch and was the perfect complement to my meal!

This also rates very high on my list of burgers and will get a rematch in the near future.
The Wisconsin Burger = 3 rashers

Kelly’s  Irish Pub & Grill
726 N 4th St
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
Phone: (208) 667-1717



Kelly’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Kelly’s is just across the street a block from Capone’s, we get seated there immediately and our waitress is right there with menus and the offer of a cool drink. Our food is served just as fast and we are always impressed.
Kelly’s offers a variety of sandwiches and a complete lunch and dinner menu with many choices to meet a variety of tastes. Ck chose a corn beef sandwich which was served piled high with meat she really had trouble finishing the sandwich but we were headed out of town and so she was a trooper and even managed a couple glasses of the house chardonnay.

My sandwich came with lettuce, tomato, onion, a choice of cheeses ( i chose swiss) on a brioche roll that held together quit nicely. The meal included french fries served hot and i chose an Irish Death Porter to wash it all down. The meat was cooked medium rare to my taste and seasoned to perfection, my multiple returns speaks to the excellent food, service and cost. 

The restaurant is a little stark with small tables and feels a bit like a cafeteria is the only negative.
Kelly’s All American Burger = 2 1/2 rashers

EPIC at the Northern Quest Casino
100 N Hayford Road
Airway Heights, Spokane, WA 99001
Phone: (877) 871-6772

Since purchasing a travel trailer in the spring we visited anyplace that would let us camp in our trailer, Northern Quest is one of those places although they do not offer any amenities save the asphalt. But the fact that we were so close to a restaurant let me to try one of the great looking sandwiches from the menu.

EPIC Bacon Cheeseburger

EPIC Bacon Cheeseburger

Epics Bacon Cheeseburger comes with a 7oz hand formed patti from a brisket blend, served on a toasted ciabatta bun with hearts of romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, hardwood smoked bacon and melted cheddar cheese. The sandwich is served with a choice of sides but i always choose the fries which are served hot and are a fair portion and all for $11.
To wash this beast down i order with an Irish Death Porter that compliments the sandwich perfectly.

We have eaten here several times, the menu is quite good with a variety of different foods, pizza, fish tacos, several different burgers which i have tried, ribs yummy, it would take a while to try them all out but so far have not been disappointed with any of my selections.
EPIC Bacon Cheeseburger = 3 rashers

Charlie P’s
8125 E Sprague Ave,
Spokane Valley, WA 99037
Phone: (509) 928-8600

Another of my favorites is Charlie P’s, bar and grill atmosphere but kid friendly, screens strategically place around the pub so you can watch sports while you dine. The wait staff has always been friendly, fast and helpful. Have seen a few online bitches but after more than ten visits we have yet to be disappointed.

My wife will order a calazone and salad when she does not feel like a big sandwich, i have tried different burgers from the menu as well as the bacon cheeseburger which is around eleven bucks, don’t quote me though. The calazone is huge and easily serves two people, we will split one an order salads and it is a cheap dinner. Add four-fifty if your going to have a beer or glass of wine.


Charlie P’s bacon cheeseburger

Now the cheeseburger is still my favorite sandwich it can be ordered as a single or double, the single bacon cheeseburger is all i can get down, especially since the sandwich comes with french fries and beans.
The sandwich is served on a brioche style bun, lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle, with bacon on a one-third pound patty that is seasoned to perfection. The ample portion of fries are always piping hot and as you know i always eat the fries first. This process allows me to enjoy a sandwich or put down one that does not have the flavor or for some reason doesn’t taste good.
Have been here several times and eighty percent of the time this is my sandwich, the other times usually will split a meal or try something else from the menu.
 Charlie P’s Bacon Cheeseburger = 3 rashers

Capones Pub & Grill
315 N. Ross Point Rd.
Post Falls, Idaho 83854
Phone: (208) 457-8020

751 N. 4th
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814
Phone: (208) 667-4843


Have been going to Capones both in Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene for as long as i can remember. Do prefer the restaurant at Post Falls for both service and atmosphere, both served excellent food. The menu is full of surprise, sliders, pizza, specialty sandwiches and of course my reason for being there, the burgers.


Capone’s Ultimate Cheeseburger w/bacon added

Capone’s burger menu includes several choices, they can be seen on their website menu, i choose the Ultimate Cheeseburger that comes with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle and choice of cheeses to which i added bacon for an extra two bucks making the sandwich $11.50, it comes with fries and i will usually finish it off with a Porter or and IPA.
The bun is baked in the restaurant, it is a brioche style bun with sesame seeds, the fries are usually as hot as i can eat them and i always eat them first. The sandwich is very satisfying the meat is seasoned in such a way that it enhances the flavor of the entire sandwich.

They will cook them medium rare if asked, i ask, and they are cooked exactly as i hope. Have been back several times to the Post Falls store but only once to the downtown as the service was a bit slow and the restaurant was a bit dark. All in all one of my favorite burgers.
Capones Ultimate Cheeseburger @P.F = 3 rashers

Capones Ultimate Cheeseburger @CdA = 2 rashers

Luna Restaurant 
5620 S Perry St,
Spokane, WA 99223
Phone: (509) 448-2383




This would be the best burger I never ate. It looks so delicious that someday i will have to come back and sample one.

The Kobe burger at Luna comes with Kansas City Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, tomatoes, spring veggies, balsamic onions and fries. 

This photo was taken a wedding reception of a close friend, my wife and i were invited to join the party for a meal, after shooting the wedding and reception. Even as it felt a little weird, they insisted so we sat with them and shared a salad as we had a dinner engagement later.

The image was taken of the burger that another person in the party had ordered but he graciously allowed me to fuss with it a little bit to position it on the table where light from a window would light it up perfectly. This was shot with the D300, no flash.

Not rated as did not eat the sandwich!

The Otis Grill
21902 E Wellesley Ave
Otis Orchards, WA 


The Otis Grill is probably the only restaurant we will visit as they do not offer any type of beer or ale to complement their sandwich. At the time this image was taken, it didn’t matter as i purchased it and put it in the saddle bag of my motorcycle and drove it home to the studio to take the image. Beside the home page image, this is the only one taken in the studio.

not quite as big as my head

not quite as big as my head

Though the burger might look a little dry it was not. A nice blend of burger, bacon, cheddar with tomato, lettuce and onion on a kaiser roll.

The burger and fries (all you can eat) served piping hot and since i am a french fry snob, they really have to be incredibly hot or i don’t enjoy them. The staff is friendly but during the lunch hour you may have to wait a bit for your food so if you are on a tight schedule you may want to get there before the twelve noon rush.

The Otis was once Norma’s Burger Barn think it might have had a fire before the change of ownership. Then in a snowmobile accident the own was killed and due to an outpouring of support for the family, they were able to reopen the restaurant and have maintained the quality of food and service they have always had.

The Otis Bacon Cheeseburger = 2 1/2 rashers