Jack in the box

Jack in the Box
Anywhere in Eastern WA

Due to a friends love of fast food burgers, mainly Dick’s a local Spokane, Wa burger joint, decided to break my promise of not eating any of the chain fast food stuff and for the reason that a mass produced sandwich just doesn’t do it for me.

After being pummeled during the Mariner’s baseball games by a disguised ‘Jack’ serving his ‘bigger than the guys head’ Brewhouse Bacon Burger, i bit! Literally! After gassing up the Tundra and stopping by Costco for a few items i swung by an almost on my way home Jack’s and in the drive-thru picked up a sandwich, fries and diet coke for an amazing price of $7.40.

Because i had purchased eggs, cottage cheese and cold soup, I had to bring my sandwich home and eat it there, the fries were still pretty warm and salty, my icy pop was icy. My ‘cheesy-royals’ on the other had was not the one that they sold me during the Mariners game. Now i understand the rules of advertising, if it is in the ad in must be made from the same ingredients as the real deal. So while the box it came in was the size of the sandwich on tv, camera perspective sure made it look like something from my favorite brewpub.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.01.24 PM

not the sandwich i was given!

While it did have a slice of tomato and slices of bacon, my bacon was about 1mm thick, that is almost thin enough to see through, it would take 40 slices to make an inch thick piece of meat so if it could of been at least 2mm or even 3 it would have looked like the cheap stuff we eat at home. My tomato slices were about 2/3 of what you see in this image and the patty was not nearly as juicy looking… aah photography!

The melted cheese sauce did run all over my fingers and hands and the single napkin was not enough to clean up the mess, luckily it was given to me in a paper bag that served that purpose nicely.  All in all the sandwich did have a good flavor, seemed juicy, small fries were adequate and the only thing i missed was an ice cold Stella to wash it down!




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