The Ref

The Ref Sports Bar
14208 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley 99216
Phone: 509.315.9637

Wife and I came back from the lake and had an appointment so we decided to catch an early dinner before going home. We have been to The Ref several times and not disappointed although a good friend went there and was treated poorly, so far only good reports.

Ck had the Chicken Caesar Wrap, her personal favorite, comes with several choices for sides, fries, salad, slaw or for a bit extra even onion rings. My fav of course is the ‘All-Star’  bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries. Usually chase with a Stella but today due to being out of my other fav i switched gears totally and did a Black Butte Porter instead.

While we waited we watched the Olympics on their big screen, the bike races were on, kinda like watching grass grow or Wade LeBlanc pitching for the Mariners. It seemed like thousands of laps that took about 13sec.s each and every ten laps or so they would claim winners of the heat…. harder to understand than the instructional booklet for my new camera.


The All-Star Bacon Cheeseburger

Our food did come quickly, the fries hot enough to scald, the burger juicy enough to run down both arms and my chin. Sweet red onion, tomato, lettuce served on a pretzel bun that was solid enough to hold together for the entire meal and chewy enough to make me think it was baked that morning.

The Ref, four and a half rashers in my book!



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