The Bistro @ Klinks

Formerly named Klinks, the restaurant fully deserving of its own moniker  changed its name to The Bistro, same great food and same great people. We had a chance to visit there recently after a brief scout trip and a decision to try it out. Only forty-five minutes from home with full hook-ups, boat rentals, toilets and showers, plus a small camp store that has everything you forgot including fishing licenses.

Our first visit here we spent the afternoon making friends at the Bistro’s small but friendly full service lounge/bar. It seems like almost as many people who visit over a weekend or holiday live there full time over the summer and work at the many tasks needed to run a small resort. At times it seemed like as many people were working as were staying. They keep the place cleaned up, raked up, picked up and the rooms were being cleaned constantly. They even came through and sifted out the ashes from the fire pits in the morning.

We did go out on the lake but came in after catching a few fish as we did not have any food or extra clothes and it turned out to be slightly cool. We came in to lunch at the Bistro, Ck had a Taco Salad that she thoroughly enjoyed and i the customary burger with bacon and fries.


Cheeseburger w/bacon and fries

My photo does not do the sandwich justice and thus we find ourselves in the position of having to return for a better photo.

We really enjoyed our time there, the place was well maintained the service was good all across the board. The wait staff at the Bistro were funny, friendly and truly interested in us and welcoming to a couple of newbies from the city.

We would truly recommend the whole experience to anyone who likes to cabin camp, trailer camp or even tent camp. If not a camper the restaurant was worth the drive from the Spokane Valley. We plan to visit there again soon!