Wisconsin Burger

Wisconsin Burger in Spokane is in an out of the way South Hill neighborhood at 9th and Hatch. This was my first visit and actually came a little earlier than opening which occurs at 11:30am weekdays. They were kind enough to sit us and we were glad as the day was heating up and it was nice and cool inside.

The beer selection in this restaurant is awesome and for one who prefers a stout they had plenty to choose from mine was one made from oats and satisfied my need for an earlier in the day beer. We both (Ck and I) ordered the Wisconsin Burger, she with extra pickles, me with the bacon jam. The bacon jam is a mixture of bacon, onions, sweet relish all cooked down to a nice jelly like consistency and put on top of the cheese, while the sautéing onions did burn my eyes a bit it was worth the pain.


The Wisconsin Burger w/bacon



Finally made it back to get a photo of this burger. It was as good as the first one. This is the single patti burger, it was almost more that I could get down.

This is definitely near the top of my list of burgers, the restaurant is roomy, the wait staff friendly and it wasn’t too busy as i went a 2pm and this made it really easy to relax and enjoy my time there.


the cooler at Wisconsin Burger

They have and incredible selection of bottled beer, you have no problem finding the one for your dinner, they also serve wine and soda.

Another Wisconsin Burger w/bacon of course and this time with fries!


Wisconsin Burger w/bacon and fries